• By making a reservation, you declare full knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the accommodation, booking, payment and cancellation policies of the SOSSINOLA Hotel.
    The terms and conditions described below apply to all bookings made by email, telephone booking. All listed rates are in Euro, per room and per night. All prices include all legal taxes, VAT.
    Prices do not include the new "Special Residence Tax" (Law 4389/2016, Article 53), which entered into force on 1 January 2018


  • In accordance with the applicable Regulation ("Hotelier-Client Relationships Regulation", Decision of the General Secretariat for Tourism and Tourism No 535813/79) of the Ministry of Tourism and Law No. 1652/86 (Articles 8 and 9), for the validation of your booking, a deposit of 25% of the total cost of your stay, with a minimum deposit amount of one (1) overnight stay.
    The confirmation of the reservation is considered complete upon receipt of the legal advance. Deposit must be deposited within three business days of the publication of the hotel's bank account with the customer via the relevant e-mail message containing the necessary bank account details. In case the deposit is not paid within the (2) working days, the reservation is considered void and the rooms are available for rent.
    A copy of the deposit receipt (deposit) must be sent to the hotel (by email or fax) no later than three (2) day from the booking request. Payments are made by cash, bank transfers as well as credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
    Upon arrival, identification, booking confirmation, and full payment of any amount will be issued depending on the value of your stay. With the full payment of the value of your stay you will become the issue of the proof. If you wish to issue an invoice, please inform the receptionist when you arrive.


  • According to the current legislation("Regulation of hotelier-client relations", Decision of the General Secretariat of the European Communities no. 535813/79, Law 1652/86), if the visitor decides to leave earlier than the agreed period, then an early departure allowance equal to 50% of the daily room rate is provided for the number of overnight stays canceled.
    Please note that the reservations department is validly informed by written or telephone contact for any changes or cancellations. In case of cancellation, our policy is as follows: Cancellation at least 21 days prior to arrival is free of charge and you will be refunded the full amount of the deposit.
    In case of cancellation less than 21 days prior to the scheduled arrival, the visitor is charged the first night of the total stay based on the type of room he has chosen. For cancellation on arrival, during stay or no show, the visitor is charged 100% of the stay based on the type of room he has chosen. The hotel reserves the right to charge 100% of the reservation in case of no-show.


  • Guests are kindly requested to note the reservation code or any document confirming their reservation, identity card or passport and the card that has been debited or pre-authorized.
    The time of arrival (check in) is 14:00 and departure time (check out) is at 11:30. In the case of a stay over the time of departure and until 18:00 upon availability, the visitor will have to pay 50% of the value of the daily stay, while for stays beyond 18:00, the full value of the stay is required of this day, in accordance with the applicable law.

  • 5. PETS

  • Pets are allowed on our facilities.The owner is responsible for any damage caused by the pet. The room cleaning service is not provided if the pet is inside the room without its owner. Do not allow pets to climb on beds or chairs.

  • 6. SMOKING

  • Smoking is not allowed in the rooms as well as in all of the hotel's internal public areas.


  • Guests are kindly requested to respect the hours of communal peace, to behave respectfully and to respect other hotel occupants and staff.
    Also, all tenants must comply with the hotel's regulations, while the hotel reserves the right to refuse access or to evict, subject to any reservation, any person whose conduct is considered to be unlawful, abusive or reprehensible. In this case the hotel is not obliged to pay any compensation.


  • Only guests registered as beneficiaries when booking the room have the right to use the room. If an outside visitor wishes to meet a certain hotel visitor, this meeting must be held in public areas.


  • For visitors' safety and hotel protection parties are not allowed in the rooms. In case of non- compliance and after a written warning, you will be asked to leave the hotel without a refund.


  • In the event of damage to the room or to the wider area due to deceit or negligence, the hotel reserves the right to charge the amount of the damage suffered, including the loss due to discontinuance of its activities, on its credit / debit card registered customer.
    In case the customer has not paid by credit / debit card but in cash or otherwise the hotel will require immediate payment of the amount of the damage he has suffered by the customer, otherwise the hotel reserves all its legal right.


  • Subject to availability of the storage space, the guest can store luggage in the luggage room, at the guest's sole risk as to loss or damage from any cause, Luggage may not be stored for a period of over 30 days.


  • The hotel does not bear any liability if it can not fulfill its obligations to the visitor, in whole or in part, due to force majeure. (indicative of strikes, floods or disasters).


  • Each visitor is responsible, throughout his / her stay at the hotel, for safekeeping his / her personal belongings (valuable items, money, etc.).
    In case of loss of items not declared at the reception, the management and hotel staff are not responsible. It is recommended to use the safety boxes, which are located in the rooms.


  • These terms are governed by Greek law and the courts of Volos are solely responsible for resolving any dispute that may arise from them.